TeachPod - The Teaching and Learning Podcast

#TeachPod -  A Series of Podcasts to Support Teaching and Learning in the FE Sector 

With contributions from FE professionals from across Wales and supported by Welsh Government, CollegesWales is pleased to introduce a new podcast series of short teaching and learning tips which can be put into practice straight away.   

These 10-minute sessions provide further education lecturers and work-based learning practitioners practical learning and teaching tips, professional learning opportunities and examples of best practice. 

The podcasts are all free and available on YouTube and will soon be available on Hwb by searching 'TeachPod'

Don't forget to subscribe to #TeachPod so you don't miss out on any future news! Each podcast covers one of five main themes. We'll be adding links to each podcast as they're released. Here are the episodes we'll be releasing over the coming days and weeks:




A level Pedagogy


Further Information

We hope you and your colleagues find value in this podcast series. We welcome questions and feedback.
If you'd like to get in touch, please email Lucy Hopkins or Macsen Jones.

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