On behalf of Welsh Government, ColegauCymru is co-ordinating a series of projects on provision and practice in the Independent Living Skills (ILS) curriculum area.

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We are working with representatives from colleges and wider stakeholders to capture and share existing best practice to develop the ILS curriculum and Learning Area Programme (LAP).

The proposed curriculum is based on improving communication, numeracy and digital literacy skills and developing skills under four pillars of learning; independent living skills, health and wellbeing, community and employability. Key components include the need to ensure quality and rigour in assessment and methods of tracking and monitoring progress as well as a person-centred approach to target setting and learning. The starting point is to understand the learner as an individual, their needs and their potential destination.

The aim of the work is to:

  • Change the way that FE works with learners in ILS to address concerns raised in a recent Estyn thematic report
  • Try out new approaches to assessment, target setting and monitoring progress with learners
  • Revise and pilot new approaches to the curriculum for ILS learners
  • For colleges to work together to develop and share effective practice and resources

A key feature of the project has been the successful networking between colleges and their generosity in sharing effective practice.  Two dynamic and well attended conferences; Using non-accredited learning in the ILS Curriculum’, and ‘Re-thinking Post 16 Independent Living Skills provision in Wales’ brought practitioners and their managers together to showcase the year’s work and share effective practice.

Resources are held centrally and shared through a Padlet. For further information contact ColegauCymru consultant, Anne Evans anne.evans@colegaucymru.ac.uk

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