Exciting new podcast series provides practical teaching and learning tips for FE and WBL practitioners

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#TeachPod is a new series of podcasts designed to provide practical teaching and learning support for the FE sector. Made possible by the financial support of Welsh Government and with contributions from FE professionals from across Wales, the series was inspired by the ColegauCymru Post-16 Teaching and Learning Network.

#TeachPod offers short teaching and learning tips which can be put into practice straight away. These 10-minute sessions give further education lecturers and work-based learning practitioners professional learning opportunities and examples of best practice. Each podcast covers one of five main themes:

  • Supporting learner resilience
  • The deployment of digital teaching aides
  • Effective use of differentiation
  • Supporting A level Pedagogy
  • The value and role bilingualism in FE teaching and learning

Chair of ColegauCymru Post-16 Teaching and Learning Network Amanda Daniels said,

“The Network has strategic links with the Curriculum and Quality Group and provides practical teaching and learning solutions for FE and WBL practitioners. We’re delighted that this podcast series will help FE practitioners to gain new skills that they can put into practice right away”.

Chair of ColegauCymru Curriculum and Quality Network Kay Martin added,

“Our Network members and colleagues have come together to create useful and practical content which will aid teaching and learning practices. These in turn will directly benefit the learners. We’re grateful for the continued support and investment from Welsh Government who recognise the need for additional resource in this area.”

The podcasts will be released over the coming days and weeks and can be accessed via your preferred podcast provider: Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Stitcher. Recordings are also available to access through Hwb.


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