Celebrating inclusion on International Women’s Day


As we continue to celebrate International Women’s Day, we hear from Gower College Swansea Student Union President, Fatima Lopes, as she explains how promoting inclusion is a vital part of her role in supporting the student voice. 

"The theme for International Women's Day, 'Inspire Inclusion,' really resonates with me, as a significant part of my role as the student union president revolves around the theme of inclusion. I ensure that students feel there are spaces for them, opportunities available, and that major decisions and changes regarding their education include them. I accomplish this by promoting a strong student voice, empowering them to create their own clubs and societies, and consistently representing their interests and needs in everything I do.  

I have launched several campaigns, including the 'Call it Out – Anti-Sexual Harassment Campaign.' I advocated for the students' priorities and demands in obtaining sexual health education, which resulted in the establishment of sexual health classes and an on-campus clinic. Currently, I am working on a voter registration drive to register as many of our students as possible before the next general election.  

I am very proud of where I am now, which I believe is important to acknowledge when looking toward the future and considering what I want to achieve next. It's easy to forget that this was once a goal I aspired to. However, I know that moving forward, I will continue to seek opportunities for learning, growth, and skill enhancement. In doing so, I hope to eventually become a real role model and reinvest my time, knowledge, and support back into my community.  

A woman whom I find particularly inspiring, Angela Davis, once said, 'I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change; I am changing the things I cannot accept.' It's my personal motto, but it's also an attitude I see in many young women today, whether they recognise it or not, and I find that truly inspiring.” 

About Fatima Lopes 
Fatima is a former Gower College Swansea learner and now works at the college as the Student Union President. Her journey is driven by a passion for fostering opportunities for young minds in Swansea and actively contributing to the betterment of her community. In her capacity as the Student Union President, she is dedicated to empowering the student body, ensuring their voices are heard, and creating an inclusive environment that encourages growth and development.  Fatima considers herself a community advocate beyond campus walls, and is deeply committed to improving the community around her. She believes in the power of unity and actively engages in projects that bring positive change. 

Further Information 

International Women’s Day 2024 
International Women's Day 2024 campaign theme is 'Inspire Inclusion' 
8 March 2024

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