Work-based learning, Skills, and Employability - Autumn Update


Knowledge Transfer Scheme  

The Knowledge Transfer Scheme (KTS) was a new concept aimed at FE colleges and independent Work-based Learning (WBL) providers in Wales. KTS helps fund the delivery of ‘masterclasses’ and/or research projects which are designed to accelerate and build expertise for staff and increase learners’ knowledge and learning experience in subjects such as digital, green skills, retrofit construction and engineering. The aim is to bring in industry expertise with the express purposes of delivering new content and concepts, as opposed to teaching the current curriculum. It is hoped that this in turn will lead to the development of new programmes of learning and improved learner experience. 

The KTS has been hailed as a success and should be continued, and is seen by colleges as a key part to the wider areas of workforce and curriculum development. The KTS has proven the strong relationships that already exist between individual colleges and their local and regional employers, and the employers’ latent interest in being able to shape and influence FE provision. There needs to be a longer-term commitment and a sustainable funding model for knowledge transfer, to ensure the momentum gained is not lost. 

Employment and Enterprise Bureaus  

Every FE college now has a dedicated Employment and Enterprise Bureau to help young people prepare for the world of work by supporting them to find a job or setting up their own business. The enhanced Bureaus are an important part of the Welsh Government flagship Young Person’s Guarantee, which commits to providing everyone under the age of 25 living in Wales with support to gain a place in education or training and help to get into work or become self-employed. 

ColegauCymru Work-based learning and Employment Strategic Adviser, Jeff Protheroe said, 

“ColegauCymru welcomes the Welsh Government commitment to support FE learners as they take their first steps into the world of work. The rollout of Employment and Enterprise Bureaus will ensure that learners receive the guidance they need to achieve their full potential. 

With employers continually adapting to meet the changing needs of a fast-moving economy, colleges play a central role both in a local and regional context and are ideally placed to be the interface between them and the future workforce, and to meet the needs of both.” 

Qualification Reform and Apprenticeship Framework Reviews 

To enhance the quality of delivery already seen with the Apprenticeships Programme in Wales, work is ongoing to develop the qualifications which sit within apprenticeship frameworks, and the overall content of the frameworks themselves focussing on the important areas of Construction and Building Services Engineering, and Health and Social Care. Work has also begun of reforming the content and shape of apprenticeship frameworks in programme areas including travel service and tourism, retail, sports and leisure, and hospitality and catering.  

ColegauCymru continues to work closely with a network of stakeholders, to ensure that a coherent skills offer is available to the learners and employers of Wales.  

Further Information 

Jeff Protheroe, Strategic Adviser, Work-based learning and Employability 

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