Vital to ensure fair grades for all learners


Today’s update on qualifications 2021 from the Minister for Education and the Welsh Language acknowledges the significant challenges faced by learners who are receiving their qualification results in summer 2021. 
We welcome the Minister’s recognition of the work of lecturers, tutors and teachers alike as the education sector has sought to learn from the difficult situation faced across the board in summer 2020. Colleges have worked hard to arrive at grades that are evidence-based and fair to learners.  
Further education college representation on the Design and Delivery Advisory Group has enabled the sector to make meaningful input and ensure that the alternative arrangements to exams work for colleges as well as schools.  We are grateful to Welsh Government for the opportunity to make this contribution. 
ColegauCymru Chief Executive Iestyn Davies said,

“Today’s statement is a positive recognition of hard work across the sector as we enter a second year of results without examinations in the vast majority of cases.”

Mr Davies added,

“Crucially, vocational learners must not experience the same poor treatment as last year with results delayed at the last minute. Vocational learners need to see they can expect to be treated with the same respect as their academic counterparts.”

ColegauCymru also welcomes the valuable financial support provided to the FE sector to ensure continuity of learning and during the Covid19 Pandemic, including the £1.6m Welsh Government is giving to WJEC to ensure that WJEC fees to colleges and school will be reduced by 50%.  

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Cabinet Statement
Oral Statement: Qualifications in 2021
22 June 2021 

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