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Students, often dubbed as the leaders of tomorrow, are taking action today by leading voter registration drives in their college. 

Rebecca Deegan, Founder & CEO, I Have a Voice.

In recent years, student activism has surged, with young individuals across the globe championing causes that range from climate change to social justice. We are channelling that same passion and determination into efforts to increase voter registration and democratic engagement. Student-led voter registration drives are a testament to the belief that every voice matters and every vote counts. 

Young people face barriers to voter registration, such as lack of information, confusing registration processes, or simply feeling disconnected from the political system. Student-led initiatives bridge these gaps as the students are supported to create resources that make the registration process and elections more accessible and relevant for their peers. 

One of the primary objectives of student-led voter registration drives is to educate their peers on the importance of democratic participation. By providing information on the electoral process, explaining the significance of local and national elections, and debunking common misconceptions, students empower their peers to be election ready.  

Beyond the immediate goal of voter registration, these drives foster a sense of community among students. By running workshops and awareness campaigns, students learn about the power of their voices and how they can be agents for change in their community. This develops the skills, knowledge and confidence for students to become lifelong voters, active citizens and advocates for civic engagement. 

Last year we worked with students in 15 colleges to register almost 3,000 young people. This included an AS Student at Coleg y Cymoedd:

“Running the voter registration drive has helped me to develop different skills such as public speaking, leadership and organisation. I would definitely recommend this drive to other colleges as it offers lots of benefits for both students running it and the students that get involved through presentations, workshops, etc.” 

Further Information

I Have a Voice (IHAV) is supported by Welsh Government to roll out its innovative approach to increasing voter registration and participation amongst young people for FREE. As a youth engagement organisation, they train and support students to deliver voter registration and information sessions in their place of education. Last year they supported 15 student ‘Voting Ambassadors’ to register almost 3,000 young people and are keen to work with the students in more colleges this year.

To find out how your college and students can get involved contact  

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