St David’s College supports NHS workers during Covid19

Further education colleges across Wales are all working together to help their communities in the fight against Coronavirus.

St David's College has donated its supply of safety goggles and disposable gloves to the local health board providing practical support to the NHS during the Covid19 outbreak. St David’s College Science department has also been 3D printing protective face shields, that have been donated to the local pharmacy.

Also, a number of healthy and able support staff who aren't able to complete work online are amongst the NHS Volunteers, and the College has encouraged individuals to help where possible.

The College has seen a huge rise in its community spirit during this difficult time. In unprecedented conditions, College staff have overcome obstacles by working together and caring for others. Chat groups have been a priority and have provided a valuable source of support. This goes beyond the workplace, with examples of kindness displayed in shopping for those in isolation, supporting individuals with poorly family members, advice on how to donate blood, and uplifting videos and images to boost morale.

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