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ColegauCymru was recently pleased to facilitate the first in a series of three social partnership events designed to support staff in FE colleges. 

The work, in collaboration with the Joint Trade Unions, and funded by Welsh Government, has focused on three key themes of Systems and data; Change management and communication; and Managing attendance, behaviour and learner wellbeing. 

This first event, hosted at Coleg Cambria on 5 December, provided an important opportunity to bring together colleagues from across the social partners to discuss positive solutions to support FE staff by addressing systems and data challenges, identifying where system improvements and integration can help to reduce staff workload.


Since 2020, the National workload steering group has worked together to tackle workload challenges and to improve staff wellbeing. Through a series of collaborative projects, the FE sector, in partnership with their local trades unions, has developed project initiatives to address the issues highlighted by the Education Workforce Council surveys. The three face-to-face events will allow the sharing of best practice and further discussion of what we need to do next to alleviate the challenges facing colleagues.

ColegauCymru Chief Executive, David Hagendyk, said,

“ColegauCymru is delighted to be facilitating these events, working with our social partners for the benefit of the FE workforce. These are opportunities for colleagues to share best practice from across colleges to identify positive solutions to streamline data systems and continue our joint plans for implementing practical solutions to alleviating workload challenges.”

ColegauCymru Director of Development, Kelly Edwards, added,

“This first of three events was an important opportunity for FE colleagues across Wales to come together to share details of the progress being made as part of respective workload action plans. This event also identified tangible actions and next steps both at local and national levels to streamline systems and alleviate workload pressures.”

Two further events, looking at Change management and communication; and Managing attendance, behaviour and learner wellbeing, are scheduled to take place in February 2024.

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Welsh Government Digging in project 2022/23 

Kelly Edwards, Director of Development  

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