Request for Quotation: Demonstrating the Social Value of FE Colleges in Wales


With grant funding from Welsh Government, ColegauCymru is leading a research project to establish the social value of FE in Wales. As anchor institutions, colleges make a significant contribution to their local economies and communities. This research aims to develop a current understanding of their economic impact and social value of the college sector.

In 2017, ColegauCymru published a report Demonstrating the Economic Value of FE Colleges in Wales. The results of the study showed that FE colleges in Wales create significant positive benefits to their main stakeholder groups: learners, society, taxpayers, and the local business community. The report used a two-pronged approach that involved an investment analysis and a regional economic impact analysis, to calculate the benefits to each of these groups. 

The social, economic and political landscape has shifted significantly since 2017, and this new dataset would enable ColegauCymru to evidence the sector’s impact, and to articulate its benefits to learners, to society; and articulate the impact of staff and college expenditure; the impact of added workforce skills in industries beyond FE; the impact of learner experience; and the impact on the local business community. 

Colleges in Wales have long been rooted in their local communities, and proudly work with people, public services, and industry. Colleges have a deep and wide reach, through their campuses, their workforce, procurement capacity, with local communities, skills development, industry contacts, and leadership roles which made a significant impact in their local areas and beyond.   

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REQUEST FOR QUOTATION: Demonstrating the Social Value of FE colleges in Wales

Proposals to be submitted by 5.00pm on 2 June 2023.

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