Prevention of ill health - obesity


Consultation Response

Senedd Health and Social Care Committee

Deadline for submission: 7 June 2024 

The challenge for the further education sector in Wales when considering prevention of ill health (obesity) is closely aligned to the age groups involved and decreasing levels of activity. When combined with other social factors and the transition from school to college there are numerous barriers to activity and subsequently better health outcomes. There is also opportunity for Welsh Government to focus more on medium term interventions with this age group developing better health among young adults.

Some key areas to address would include:

  • Re-engagement with those young people who have stopped participating in physical activity and sport during their teenage years, particularly young women and girls – typically between the ages of 14-16 years.
  • Greater recognition of the health risks of young people being “inactive” and the longer-term impact of obesity in this age group.
  • Utilising insight from European countries where greater value is placed on physical education and physical activity levels between the ages of 6-14years.
  • Supporting the FE sector in building on successful Active Wellbeing project delivery that promotes increased activity and better mental health among FE learners.

Further Information

Jamie Adair, Policy and Public Affairs Assistant

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