On International Stress Awareness Week, ColegauCymru staff have been discussing how they deal with stress

This is a brief discussion in the context of stress and mental health, but it is timely as we are celebrating the successes of ColegauCymru’s Welsh Government funded Mental Health project.

In early 2019, colleges across wales were invited to bid for project funding with the aim to develop additional resources for the sector in the field of Mental Health. With thirteen organisations involved, the outputs are diverse, attractive and digital. The main focus of the project was to develop learner resilience and staff training.

If you are interested in the Mental Health projects in further education, come to our end of project event on 26 November 2019. This will be an opportunity to learn more about the projects, as well as to improve the outputs, make connections with others in the sector and discuss the way forward. To book a place, please contact Nia Brodrick, Project Coordinator, as nia.brodrick@colegaucymru.ac.uk.

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