ColegauCymru: Next Welsh Government needs a clear vision for FE and must provide the support and funding to deliver it

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ColegauCymru today publishes our Policy Recommendations for the next Welsh Government. 

The elections to the Welsh Parliament in May 2021 offer an ideal opportunity to refocus and refine the unique role and contribution of further education to the varied and dynamic communities of Wales.  

Informed by the recently published findings of an independently commissioned research report Further Education: Enabling Renewal and Helping to Build Better Citizenship, Occupations and Business Communities in Wales, our Policy Recommendations outline how achievable and targeted interventions could transform the provision of post-16 education in Wales. 

ColegauCymru Director of Policy and Public Affairs Dr Rachel Bowen said, 

“Looking back over the course of devolution, we're asking the next Welsh Government to give the further education sector more considered support than it has received in previous years. We want to see qualifications that are flexible, fit for purpose and that will support the economy and communities in a post-Covid Wales. We also want to see  even stronger relationships between FEIs and business, better regulation of the sector, a reduction in unnecessary competition and an increase in the provision of mental health support.” 

We’re calling on the next Welsh Government to focus on 5 key areas: 

  1. Expanding citizens’ entitlement and engagement with education 
  2. A coherent and connected system that includes flexible and valued qualifications 
  3. Entitlement to wellbeing for learners and staff 
  4. Better skills and business engagement 
  5. FE workforce fit for the future. 

Each theme can be seen as an individual policy area but together they outline a cohesive policy platform for the next Welsh Government and an agenda for further education in the Senedd. 

ColegauCymru Chief Executive Iestyn Davies added, 

“With the right vision, support and appropriate funding, the further education sector in Wales can be an even more valuable tool to rebuild our post-Covid economy whilst helping communities to thrive and individuals to succeed”. 

Over the course of this week, we’ll be looking more closely at each of our Policy Recommendations with a detailed briefing, short podcast and explanatory video animation for each theme. 

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