Inward staff mobility offers innovative new approach to international learning opportunities


Funded by Taith through ColegauCymru’s consortium project, last month saw an inward mobility visit from Nexgen Careers to FE colleges across Wales.  

Based in Barcelona, Nexgen’s mission is to help create impactful professional learning experiences, content and courses to support learners to develop the core skills needed to find their future career success.    

A comprehensive itinerary saw Cecilia Nillson and Andreu Gual travel the length and breadth of Wales with visits to 6 colleges including Cardiff and Vale College, Coleg Cambria, Coleg Gwent, Coleg Sir Gâr / Coleg Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire College and St. David’s Sixth Form College.  

Nexgen provides a range of in-person training and work experience opportunities for FE learners. They also have a broad remote learning offer with programmes available in a range of areas such as Creative Thinking, Analytical Thinking, Lifelong Learning, AI & Big Data, Resilience & Agility, Tech Literacy, Systems Thinking, Self-Awareness and Social Influence; and have been created to build critical transferable skills to enable learners to upskill and take ownership of their future career path.  

The visit was also a platform for Nexgen to share its programme of CPD provision for staff which looks at The Future of Work and Internationalisaton in the FE curriculum. Nexgen collaborated with ColegauCymru on a staff training programme in Barcelona in February 2023 to support FE teachers to develop innovative ways to incorporate international experiences into the new Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales qualification.   

CollegesWales International Project Manager, Siân Holleran, said, 

“We were delighted to, once again, welcome our Nexgen colleagues to Wales. The visit was a great opportunity to strengthen international partnerships.  With the support of Taith funding, Cecilia and Andreu were able to share their expertise with FE colleges in Wales to show the innovative ways in which we can engage in overseas mobilities to broaden the learning and prospects of both learners and staff.” 

Nexgen Head of Global & Digital Partnerships, Cecilia Nilsson, added,   

"We were pleased to have the opportunity to visit colleges in Wales once again. With over 10 years’ experience of working with Taith, Erasmus+, The Turing Scheme and Lifelong Learning initiatives in some of the most entrepreneurial cities across Europe, we are excited to work with colleagues in Wales to continue to help prepare learners for success in the world of work." 

CollegesWales International is committed to working with funded programmes such as Taith and The Turing Scheme to provide further education learners and staff across Wales with learning opportunities they may not otherwise have the chance to experience otherwise. 

Further Information 

Taith: Wales’ International Learning Exchange Programme 
Taith provides learners, young people, and staff a chance to undertake international exchanges, both short and long term, which in turn offers opportunities to share learning, experience different cultures and develop new skills. Taith’s inward mobility programme promotes reciprocity by providing funding to invite partners to Wales. 

Nexgen Careers 
Suppoting students step into the future of work with confidence 

ColegauCymru Report 
Internationalisation in the FE sector in Wales 
May 2021 

Siân Holleran, European and International Project Manager  

Vicky Thomas, European and International Project Officer 

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