Further Education Sector makes meaningful steps towards an anti-racist Wales


In partnership with Black Leadership Group, ColegauCymru is pleased to have engaged the Further Education sector in Wales in a scoping project to assess the current situation in terms of anti-racism.

Supported by Welsh Government, the partnership’s remit was to undertake initial work to help prepare for a programme of equality research, analysis and development for the further education sector that could be delivered from 2022-2023 to progress the Government’s Anti-Racist Wales Action Plan.

Black Leadership Group’s Stella Mbubaegbu CBE said,

“In an ambitious bid to reach the Welsh Government goal of an anti-racist Wales by 2030, the publication of An Initial Assessment of The Further Education Sector’s Contribution to the Welsh Government’s Anti-Racist Wales Action Plan scoping report notes a series of findings and makes practical recommendations.”

“We were pleased to receive a positive response from the sector on this exercise, with all colleges showing a clear willingness for change.” 

The project findings are that to effect timely change, action needs to be taken at institutional and national level, requiring direction and leadership by the Welsh Government. There are significant requirements associated with building the quantitative and qualitative evidence base the Government is seeking to form prior to identifying actions that will lead to dismantling structural racial inequities within the further education system.

Furthermore, institutions are at different starting points in terms of strategic and operational Anti-racist practice, and all will require considerable support to build confidence and capacity. 
ColegauCymru Policy and Public Affairs Director, Dr Rachel Bowen, added 

“We were delighted to partner with Black Leadership Group on this important piece of work. The recommendations provide a detailed set of actions to take the Anti-racist agenda forward within the Welsh further education sector. We look forward to continuing to work with BLG and our FEIs to fully contribute to the goals and desired outputs of the Anti-Racist Wales Action Plan.”  

ColegauCymru and Black Leadership Group also form part of the Anti-Racist Wales FE Steering Group, designed to advise on, support and monitor implementation of Anti-Racist Wales Action Plan actions relating to the FE and adult learning sections, ensuring a coherent and sustainable approach that is informed by lived experiences of individuals. 
Further Information 

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