ColegauCymru welcomes appointment of former Chair to lead on review of vocational qualifications

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ColegauCymru has welcomed the Welsh Government announcement appointing our former Chair, Sharron Lusher, to lead a new Board which will review the vocational qualification offer in Wales.

Sharron Lusher, also former Pembrokeshire College Principal, brings to the role a comprehensive understanding of the further education sector, business and vocational qualifications. Her appointment to Chair the newly established Vocational Qualifications Review Board is welcomed, particularly in light of the desire to ensure a comprehensive ‘made in Wales’ offer.

ColegauCymru Strategic Adviser for Work based Learning and Employability, Jeff Protheroe said,

“Vocational qualifications, by their very nature, are constantly changing to meet the needs of the economy, industry and learners. Wales is heavily reliant on the current UK-wide marketplace. Changes to the qualification system in England are having both a direct and indirect impact in Wales which could be detrimental to both learners, providers and employers alike.”

“The Review Board will need to ensure that vocational qualifications are fit for purpose and future proofed to be able to adequately support and enhance the fast-changing economic landscape of Wales and to ensure that learners are given every opportunity to succeed.”

It will also be essential to consider the future direction of post-16 education and training provision in the context of planned changes to the post-compulsory education and training (PCET) sector.  This is even more relevant given the passing of the Commission for Tertiary Education and Research Bill.

Wales needs to ensure true parity of esteem between academic and vocational qualifications so that vocational and technical learners are given the same opportunities to fulfil their potential. ColegauCymru is committed to engaging in early dialogue with the Review Board and other stakeholders to ensure the best possible outcomes for learners, employers and the Welsh economy.

Further Information

Welsh Government Announcement
Sharron Lusher named Chair of Vocational Qualifications Review Board
23 June 2022

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