Announcement of ‘flow-through’ approach to ALN Act implementation welcomed by ColegauCymru


ColegauCymru has welcomed this week’s statement from the Minister for Education in relation to the plans for implementing the Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal Act 2018 (the ALN Act) for young people who are post-16.

There will be a ‘flow-through’ approach to the post-16 implementation of the ALN Act. This will allow colleges to transition to this new system in a way that best supports young people who have additional learning needs.

ColegauCymru ALN Transformation Lead for FE, Chris Denham, said,

“The announcement is positive news for both further education institutions and local authorities alike. Colleges have been working hard over the last few years to make improvements to the provision and support available to young people who have learning difficulties and/or disabilities. They continue to develop their expertise to work in a person-centred way to ensure that all their learners are given the opportunity to achieve.”

Further Information
Welsh Government Cabinet Statement

Written Statement: Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal Act 2018 Implementation for Post-16
28 March 2022

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