Effective leadership vital to the success of the FE sector


ColegauCymru together with The National Academy for Educational Leadership, is pleased to publish a report focusing on understanding leadership in the FE sector.

Funded by Welsh Government, Learning and Work Institute Cymru was commissioned to undertake research in 2022 to help develop an understanding of several key areas including:

  • Recruitment, retention, talent management and succession planning across the FE sector.
  • The nature of the current professional learning offer to leaders and what is needed for the future.
  • The key barriers (real and perceived) to entering leadership roles, progressing through to senior leadership, and staying in leadership roles.
  • Leaders’ experience of their own and others’ wellbeing. This would necessarily touch on the impact of the pandemic but would not be restricted to only this time period.

The FE sector in Wales is a crucial part of the post-16 landscape. It offers learning opportunities and pathways for people of all ages in both vocational and general education as well as employability, adult community learning, and work-based learning. Colleges are large, complex organisations that serve and work with diverse communities and complex stakeholders.

We look forward to working with the sector to take forward the recommendations in the report to develop stronger, more diverse and inclusive leadership.

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Understanding Leadership in the FE sector in Wales

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Kelly Edwards, Director of Development

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