Event to celebrate the fifth cycle Work Welsh Scheme


With the Work Welsh in Further Education scheme coming into the fifth cycle this year, we have organized a celebration event, looking at the successes to date and looking forward to what the scheme will hold next.

Many of you will have heard of our 'Celebrate and Develop Welsh at Work' event, which will be held at 10am on the 16th of December.

The first half will be specifically for Work Welsh learners, including video clips of new learners, a panel of learners discussing their experiences and an opportunity to hear a little more of the scheme's overview over the years. The second half of the session will be a bit more strategic as we hear from Dona Lewis at the Center and have the opportunity to hear about good practice within the Further and Higher Education sectors.

Although there are two parts to the event, this is a recommendation for the target audience only, everyone is welcome at both sessions.

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