ColegauCymru to consider Welsh Government’s response to Estyn report and recommendations on post-16 partnerships

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ColegauCymru is set to consider Welsh Government’s response to the Estyn report and its recommendations on post-16 partnerships at the next Principals’ Forum meeting.  

The report reviews strategic planning and partnership working for the education of 16- to 19-year-olds in school sixth forms and further education colleges and highlights the previously well documented challenges facing the school and college relationship.  

ColegauCymru Chair Guy Lacey said,

“It has long been understood that the differing planning, funding and oversight regimes of schools and colleges often impede productive partnerships between providers. This is something that is magnified as we consider the impact of the Covid19 pandemic and something that the Principals’ Forum is keen to address.” 

The report also acknowledges the challenges facing colleges and Welsh-medium schools looking to collaborate to help learners to pursue elements of vocational courses through the medium of Welsh.  

ColegauCymru Chief Executive Iestyn Davies added,

“Our priority remains to ensure that every post-16 learner is given the best possible experience, regardless of the programme of study they choose to pursue. It is increasingly important that Welsh speaking learners can follow a course of vocational study through the medium of the Welsh Language. It is vital that post-16 learners in Wales have access to a sufficiently broad curriculum offer to enable them to reach their full potential”. 

Communication between local authorities and most colleges however remains positive. This will be a solid foundation from which to build as we look to work with government and other colleagues to address the issues raised in the report. 

Further Information 

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10 February 2021

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