ColegauCymru sets out its priority following Welsh Government’s announcement of an independent review of summer 2020 examination series

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We note today’s announcement by Welsh Government of an independent review of the arrangements for awarding grades for the disrupted 2020 summer exam series, and considerations for 2021.

We are keen to highlight our priority which is to pay specific attention to the lack of a substantive and accepted examination and moderation process having been put in place for Centre Assessment Grades prior to their submission to the awarding bodies. Looking ahead to the review, ColegauCymru is also seeking to highlight the need for better alignment between internal and external verification processes, as is already in place for vocational qualifications. As an advocate for all forms of post-16 education, the charity is also keen to see the review examine why academic qualifications were constantly viewed as a priority whilst the needs of vocational learners were often side-lined and overlooked.

With an interim report of key findings expected in October and a final report and recommendations to follow in Mid-December, our concern is that there will be insufficient time for proper scrutiny by the Senedd in its final autumn term, and urge for this to be considered. We also believe that interim findings should be made available as soon as possible in order to influence the process of adapting both assessment and the curriculum to the challenges to be faced during the 2020/21 academic year.

ColegauCymru Chief Executive Iestyn Davies said,

“We welcome the announcement that Louise Casella will lead the review. We pledge, as a sector, to support her work so as to reach a resolution that will avoid a repetition of what we have seen this summer.”

We now await further details and look forward to the publication of the terms of reference.

Further Information

Welsh Government Written Statement: 
Independent review of the arrangements for awarding grades for the 2020 summer exam series, and considerations for 2021 
28 August 2020 

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