ColegauCymru responds to Estyn Peer-on-peer sexual harassment report

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ColegauCymru has today welcomed the Estyn publication looking at peer-on-peer sexual harassment among 16 – 18-year-old learners in further education. 

We believe that all learners have the right to world-class education, delivered in a safe, diverse and inclusive setting and within a sector which supports the wider community, employers and the economy. 

The report is a serious reminder of the need to renew efforts meet these challenges, and ColegauCymru is concerned that many learners are choosing not to, or are unsure how to, report incidents of sexual harassment. 

It is encouraging to note that there is some good practice across the sector. There is, however, more to be done to ensure that our learners feel safe and respected.  

ColegauCymru Chief Executive David Hagendyk said, 

“We welcome today’s publication on this important issue. It is absolutely unacceptable that learners face any form of harassment. While good practice in the sector has been identified, the report rightly highlights the need for improvements around educating learners about appropriate behaviour and healthy relationships and the need for college staff to be equipped with the skills they need to support learners. All colleges are committed to doing this and we will work with them to implement the recommendations in the report.”  

ColegauCymru will continue to work together with the Welsh Government and key stakeholders to make the improvements needed to ensure that our colleges are inclusive and safe spaces for all our learners to thrive. 

Further Information

Estyn Thematic Report 

Peer-on-peer sexual harassment among 16 to 18-year-old learners in further education 
7 June 2023

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