ColegauCymru leads new project to review leadership in the Post-compulsory Education and Training Sector


ColegauCymru is pleased to lead a new project which will review leadership in Post-compulsory Education and Training (PCET) in Wales.

With grant funding from the National Academy for Educational Leadership Wales (NAEL), this review will generate a clear picture of the current state of educational leadership within the post-16 sector. This will lead to a series of evidence-based recommendations that can inform how the Leadership Academy and its partners develop a strategic approach to supporting leaders and leadership development in PCET during the period of its next remit, up to 2026. 

The study will provide insight on:  

  • the size and characteristics of the leadership population in post-16;
  • recruitment, retention, talent management and succession planning;
  • the nature of the current professional learning ‘offer’ to leaders - and what is needed;
  • barriers (both real and perceived) to entering leadership roles, progressing through to senior leadership, and staying in leadership roles; and
  • leaders’ experience of their own and others’ wellbeing. 

ColegauCymru Director of Development Kelly Edwards said,

“We’re proud to be leading on this important piece of work. We believe that all learners have the right to world-class education, delivered in a safe, diverse and inclusive setting and within a sector which supports the wider community, employers and the economy. It is therefore essential that our leadership reflects this goal and is equally diverse and inclusive.”

The findings of the research will be published in July 2022 and will be fed back to both the ColegauCymru Board and the Principals’ Forum. The report will include a series of recommendations, including for Welsh Government, the National Academy for Educational Leadership and its partners, and educational organisations. 

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Kelly Edwards, ColegauCymru Director of Development

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