ColegauCymru and climate change: making a move towards reducing our carbon footprint


ColegauCymru is pleased to be making positive steps towards reducing the organisation’s carbon footprint. 
Autumn 2021 saw Nigel Williams, a Cardiff University MBA student, undertake a study into the organisation’s behaviours pre, during and post Covid, with the aim of recommending ways to reduce our carbon footprint.  
Nigel was tasked with establishing key carbon contributors in the organisation and their significance, and then make a series of recommendations. The method of data collection for the study included an office walk around, electricity use study, and a staff questionnaire. 
Nigel said,

“In the context of the Covid19 pandemic, the data was unsurprising. Over half of the organisation’s carbon footprint in 2019 was due to car travel, with 25% being electricity. 2020 saw car travel reduce to 40%, with electricity climbing to over 50%. In stark contrast, electricity use was 95% of the organisation’s carbon footprint in 2021.”

ColegauCymru Chief Executive Iestyn Davies added,

“We’re keen to progress the FE sector’s green agenda and this study will help us to lead by example. We share the Welsh Government vision for a future Wales which is greener, and which aims to help colleges to reach net zero. This is a positive step in the right direction.”

A 10-step action plan of recommendations and behaviour changes were provided including the possibility of appointing a carbon champion, the use of individual and team calculator insights, implementing a necessary only travel policy, exploring options for all in days/home working options, and establishing guidelines for face-to-face vs virtual meetings. Further recommendations include continuous awareness generation and whole team engagement as well as repeating the study to provide an updated picture. 
Mr Davies further added,

“As we continue to navigate a new way of working in a post-Covid world, we’re grateful to Nigel for this important work and will now look forward to discussing his recommendations and how we can put them into action.”

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Carbon Footprint and Reduction Possibilities
November 2021

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