ColegauCymru and Black Leadership Group welcome Welsh Government Anti-Racist Wales Action Plan

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ColegauCymru is delighted by the Welsh Government’s launch of the Anti-Racist Action Plan designed to make Wales an Anti-racist nation. The plan will take an anti-racist approach, evaluating the ways in which racism is built into policies, rules, regulations, and structures.

In partnership with the Black Leadership Group (BLG), ColegauCymru has engaged with the Further Education sector in Wales to assess the current situation in terms of anti-racism. Supported by the Welsh Government, the partnership between BLG and ColegauCymru has been able to understand several challenges facing the sector, including data collection, the need to review the current curriculum  and to see how the BLG 10 Point Plan Diagnostic Toolkit can be implemented.

Black Leadership Group’s Stella Mbubaegbu CBE said,

“It is fantastic to see that the Welsh Government is taking serious steps to decisively tackle the issues within the further education sector and across society in Wales more broadly. We continue to be impressed by the focus on anti-racism and the need for action rather than just words”.

“We are delighted to see further work between the Black Leadership Group and ColegauCymru in today’s plan and we look forward to making swift progress.”

ColegauCymru Director of Policy and Public Affairs, Dr Rachel Bowen added,

“Working with the Black Leadership Group has not only helped ColegauCymru to develop the way that we view policy development with a more active focus on anti-racism but has enabled us to work effectively with the Welsh Government to demonstrate how the further education sector can support the ambition for an anti-racist Wales by 2030.

“The sector is enthusiastic about change and playing our part in developing a Wales that is anti-racist.  We look forward to continuing our vital partnership with the Black Leadership Group.”

Further Information

Please contact ColegauCymru Director of Policy and Public Affairs, Dr Rachel Bowen, with any questions. 

Welsh Government Press Release
Ministers outline the aims for Wales to become an Anti-Racist Nation
7 June 2022

ColegauCymru and Black Further Education Leadership Group Partnership Launch
1 October 2021

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