Celebrating the value of adult learning

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ColegauCymru is delighted to support Adult Learners’ Week which takes place this week, 18 - 22 September 2023. The week is designed to demonstrate the powerful impact of lifelong learning, promote opportunities and provision to adults across Wales, and to celebrate all that learning has to offer. 

Making lifelong learning for all a reality  

We believe that everyone should have access and opportunity to learn throughout their lives. The sector already does so much, delivering across a wide range of subjects and levels, supporting learners - some of whom are the most vulnerable adults in our society, to achieve their potential. Learning should not be something that finishes when we leave formal education. 

The importance of adult learning for Wales 

A skilled workforce is essential to ensure a thriving Welsh economy. Adult learning and upskilling will continue to be a key part of the rebuilding of our economy post-Covid. The benefits of lifelong learning are varied and many – from providing a sense of wellbeing, purpose and achievement to addressing social issues such as loneliness and isolation. These benefits in turn provide communities with the tools to thrive. Skills help people into work and to improve at work which allows us all to keep up with a changing world and our rapidly transforming workplaces.   

Adult Learning Wales Chief Executive Kathryn Robson said, 

"This week is a celebration of skills and talents across the adult population in Wales and provides opportunities to try something new.   

Adult Learning Wales, in partnership with ColegauCymru, the Learning and Work Institute Wales, the voluntary sector and adult community learning partnerships across Wales, is delighted to be involved once again in promoting these opportunities and creating spaces to enjoy and benefit from amazing life-changing learning experiences. A warm welcome is extended to everyone who would like to join one of the many classes and taster sessions available across Wales this week. We look forward to seeing you!"

ColegauCymru Chief Executive David Hagendyk added, 

"The further education sector has long championed adult learning and its value not only to the economy but on a social and individual level too. We welcome Adult Learners’ Week as an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of learners across Wales and to inspire more people to discover the benefits of learning."

Get Involved  

There are several ways in which to get involved in Adult Learners’ Week, whether that’s through trying out a taster session on digital skills, arts and crafts, or mindfulness, for example, or committing to a short course. Our further education colleges are committed to showcasing the best of what they have to offer to adults across Wales.  

Further Information 

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Visit your local further education institution to find out what opportunities are available 

Lucy Hopkins, Communications Manager 

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