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With this week being VocTech week, it was timely for us to reflect on ColegauCymru’s VocTech project which took place during the Summer of 2020. VocTech is the UK's only dedicated event focused on the role of digital technology in vocational education.

As we adapted to live in a Covid world, upskilling staff, creating opportunities to develop together and ensuring that learners kept in contact with their future workplaces were important to us, and these were our main VocTech aims.

One key part which is still available to be utilised today are our VocTalks. With teaching establishments teaching from afar and no opportunity for learners to attend work placements, the aim was to ensure that learners continued to be connected to the vocational industries.

During the week, discussions were held with former learners who now work in the Sports, Catering, Business, Construction and Performing Arts sectors. The VocTalks were held on the form of live webinars, and the best 20mins of each discussion is available on our YouTube channel.

Speaking to 10 former learners who studied at FE colleges in Wales, our comperes ensured that a wealth of guidance and advices was shared from the sessions from the importance of being early for interviews to how to deal with stressful situations.

To listen to our VocTalks in, take a look at our YouTube page: VocTalks - YouTube and to learn more about the VocTech week, including joining any live sessions, please visit Welcome to the Week of VocTech | 15 - 19 November 2021.

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